Are you workers working on a boring routine? Or become educated unemployed because your skills were taken by a robot with artificial intelligence? Now is the right time for prospective students to choose the right study program. One of them, prospective students can choose a study program and join to study and practice with “practitioners” (practitioners to become lecturers), so that they become design creators, namely experts with “design thinking” creating solutions with creative works to answer ever-changing challenges.

Described by Deden Maulana A, Lecturer at the Faculty of Visual Communication Design at Widyatama University, there are 3 favorite study programs consisting of the Graphic Design Study Program (D4), Study Program, Multimedia (D3), Film and Television Study Program (D4).

“These three study programs will invite students to do more practical work in applied laboratories, studios and real jobs. Meanwhile, theoretical matters are given to complement and increase knowledge and insight related to personal, public communication skills and being able to do entrepreneurship independently or in groups, “explained Deden, Sunday (14/02/2021).

Then Deden added, with a vocational study level that is in line with the government program to produce graduates with special skills and adaptability. “This study program will realize students’ dreams as Associate Expert and Applied / Professional Diploma (D3 and D4) which are equivalent to S1 only at the Faculty of Visual Communication Design (FDKV) at Widyatama University (UTAMA) Bandung,” said Deden. Deden added, in the Graphic Design Study Program (D4), students will be invited to pursue real skills on how to design appropriate and attractive visual communication solutions and be able to apply them to various print or digital media. “There are three areas of activity for people who always need visual communication solutions, including the world of business – education and entertainment. To put it simply, as long as someone is alive and active, visual communication skills will continue to be needed.

As an illustration, graphic design expertise can be obtained at Widyatama, where every business activity needs brand design and marketing communications, as well as in the education sector a variety of applied media in the form of visuals that are easy to understand and attractive. Furthermore, the entertainment industry will not exist if it is not supported by visual engineering. “The payoff.

In line with the principles described, regarding the public’s need for visual communication solutions, in the Multimedia Study Program (D3), students will gain expertise in designing visual communication solutions and their application to dynamic or mobile media, duration and sound. Such as audio-visual programs, animation, visual engineering on the internet, to creating visuals related to digital games.