Held in the meeting room of the Widyatama University Rectorate which is located at Jalan Cikutra No. 204A, Kelurahan Sukapada, Cibeunying Kidul District, Bandung City, is discussing plans for cooperation in several sectors. The plan is for the 7 Villages to collaborate with the Widyatama Campus, especially encouraging the growth of the creative economy in the Parongpong District Area. In the meeting which was full of familiarity, 3 villages explained the developments that have been carried out as well as the obstacles that exist in their respective areas, namely Ciwaruga Village, Sariwangi Village and Cihanjuang Rahayu Village.

Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs at Widyatama University, Prof., Dr. Dadang Suganda, M.Hum., Explained that the purpose of this meeting was in terms of output regarding education. “This meeting aims to implement government programs regarding education related to educational output. So students who study in tertiary institutions do not only master science, but must master their skills as well. “He said after the meeting Prof. Dadang added that Widyatama University collaborated with Parongpong District in order to build human resources (HR) in the local area.

“Parongpong Subdistrict has long collaborated with us, so later Widyatama University will collaborate with Parongpong District to build human resources who have good science, and have good skills or skills, so that they can be applied directly in the community,” he said. While in the same place, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Dr. Adjeng Mariana F., S.E., M.M., Explained the efforts that will be made by several faculties at Widyatam University.

“One of the efforts that will be carried out is how to increase the potential in the Parongpong area, through collaboration with several faculties at Widyatama University. For example, Parongpong Subdistrict becomes an icon of West Bandung Regency so that it can be visited by tourists, because of the flowers, nature and culture of its people, “said Dr. Adjeng. “We are currently designing collaboration with our existing faculties, such as the engineering faculty, the language faculty. This is related to village tourism as well as from the DKV, how to create the appearance so that it is more popular.

As for the program, it is adjusted to the needs of the people in Parongpong District. “The payoff is energetic. Meanwhile the Head of Parongpong Sub-district, Iwan Mustawan Azis M.Si. said that his party would like to thank Widyatama University for contributing thoughts so that the human resources in each village in Parongpong District, especially in the economic sector, are related to the impact of Covid19. “We from Parongpong Subdistrict and the entourage represented by 3 villages would like to thank Widyatama Umiversitas. We from Parongpong bring problems related to the condition of the people in our area, especially in the economic sector regarding the impact of Covid19.” Head of District (Camat) Iwan explained, shortly after the meeting. Many of our people find it difficult to meet their household needs. They used to work in the agricultural sector and eventually they have to lose money because they cannot sell their products. This has become my thought as the Head of Parongpong Sub-district.

“The payoff. He hopes that the presence of the Widyatama Campus in Parongpong District can contribute thoughts, so that human resources in each village in Parongpong District can increase, especially in overcoming economic difficulties. He said, at least in their respective households. In the short term, his party admits that it will target the MSME sector, so that food and processed products from the village can be sold.

“There are many food and processed products delivered by colleagues from the village, but it is also difficult to sell now, because we can only make them without having outside channels, so we need great marketing.” Iwan explained further. “Yes, the Widyatama Campus has a study program that deals with it. Of course we hope that the knowledge can be passed on to our society, so that we can still exist to survive in these difficult conditions”. The Head of Parongpong sub-district concluded the conversation.