Recently, SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) released the ranking of Indonesian Universities, 2021. The assessment indicators include research, innovation, and societal. SIR is a global rating agency, based in Spain. Widyatama University, a well-known campus in Bandung, which is located at Jalan Cikutra No. 204-A, Sukapada Village, Cibeunying Kidul Eyes, this year was ranked 53rd. The Scimago Institution Ranking shows the ratings of research institutions around the world. The ranking of these institutions is divided into five sectors, including Government, Health, Higher Education, Private, and Others.

In addition, there is also the SCImago Journal Ranking, a portal that displays the measurement of the influence of a Scopus indexed scientific journal such as the number of citations and how important the journal in which the citation is published. Meanwhile, Scopus is a forum and destination for publishing research articles or thoughts for academics, so that they can be recognized as researchers internationally. Included as one of the indexed publishers of major reputation for respected scientific publications in the academic community throughout the world. For this achievement, Djoko Roespinoedji, Chairman of the Widyatama Foundation, is grateful for it. “Alhamdulillah, we should be grateful, this is a blessing for Widyatama University led by Prof Obsatar Sinaga, Rector of Widyatama University.

Furthermore, Djoko said that so far his party has continued to encourage and support around 272 Widyatama University lecturers in writing international journals, indexed by Scopus as well as for publication. He added, to make the writing of the lecturers more effective, about 50 clusters of journal writing were formed. So far we have published 1373 Scopus indexed international journals. God willing, we will continue to encourage it, so that it will increase further next year. Moreover, Prof. Obi, our Chancellor is one of the chief editors who has a personal guarantee,” he concluded.