In the ever-evolving digital age, challenges in the professional world are increasingly complex and require strong leadership.

The importance of developing leadership skills, Universitas Widyatama in collaboration with University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia organized an online webinar with the theme “Professional Leadership”.

With participants from several countries, this webinar aims to provide in-depth insights into strategies and best practices in managing teams, making informed decisions, and leading effectively in diverse work environments.

This webinar was attended by several speakers, including Prof. Madya Dr. Alwi Yunus as Director of Student Leadership Institution Malaysia, Dr. Hj. Atalia Praratya, M.Ikom., Widyatama University Lecturer, Ng Zhen Fan Shankar as Deputy Treasure of The Student Representative Council, Sultan Idris from the University of Education, Taufiq Mohd. Hassan as Secretary General of BPN UKE Malaysia, and Gerry Rivaldi Muhammad N as Associate at Tokopedia and once served as Student President of Widyatama University in 2017.

Secretary of Widayatama University, Dra Uning Kuraesin M.Pd said, the participants were given a rare opportunity to listen and interact directly with leading industry experts.

“With their extensive experience in various sectors, the panelists provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in today’s world of professional leadership,” said Uning, Saturday (9/3/2024).

The webinar also highlights the importance of continuous self-development to achieve success in a career.

One key highlight of this webinar was the presentation of real-life cases of leadership challenges faced in various organizational contexts.

The participants can learn from first-hand experience and strategies used to overcome obstacles in achieving business goals.

“Through a vibrant exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions, this webinar managed to provide valuable insights to participants to enhance their leadership skills and advance their professional careers to new heights,” he said.

The webinar, which was conducted in a hybrid manner, was attended by approximately 180 participants.

According to Uning, leadership is important for economic development in generation Z.

“In the future, it will not only rely on people who have taken part, but in the direction of the young. So leadership is important so that students have insight into leadership, “he said.

Executive Officer of Corporate Communication Unit of UiTM Cawangan Perak, Shahrul Izwan Md Hassan, said that this webinar involved five countries that discussed communication and how to lead to students.

“The leadership style at UiTM, especially students, is now given freedom, left to students for program projects how these students can think more than they should, make decisions in terms of finances,” said Shahrul

High enthusiasm from the participants, this webinar has proven itself as an effective platform for learning and professional development in this digital era.

The hope of this webinar is that the insights gained from this event will drive positive change in future workplace leadership practices. (*)