In the digital era, information of hoax news with unclear sources is massively spread on social media (medsos). Its caused by the general public is still common, distinguishing between hoax news or vice versa. Hoax news itself is deliberately created and spread by irresponsible parties and has a specific purpose.

However, not a few reliable news spread on social media, have good information and benefits for the community. The Bureau of Public Relations Protocol and Promotion of Widyatama University (UTama), initiated this understanding to lecturers and staff, through a web seminar (webinar), Thursday, April 29, 2021. The goal is to increase public trust in the campus which is located at Jalan Cikutra No. 204-A, Sukapada Village, Cibeunying Kidul District. In the event, the Rector of Widyatama University, Prof. Dr. H. Obsatar Sinaga, M.Si said that the use of social media must be done properly and correctly.

“For the using of social media now there is an ITE Law. There is a threat of imprisonment for six years if someone uses it carelessly (to spread hate speech, slander and hoaxes),” said Prof. Obi, Thursday (29/5/2021), after opening a webinar with the theme “Maximizing the Use of Social Media in Increasing Brand Awareness. Therefore, social media users must have the ability to increase their use Including UTama Lecturers, so that the use of social media has benefits for the institution. “Sometimes we don’t realize that to know someone’s character, we just need to open their social media. Do they belong to the group that likes to follow hoaxes or groups of social media users well, “said Prof. Obi.

On the same occasion, Amir Hidayat, an IT practitioner who become the keynote speaker on this occasion explained how to increase “brand awareness” on social media, especially Instagram. In order to know the meaning of “brand awareness” is the ability of consumers to immediately recognize and remember a brand just by looking at something, whether color, logo, image, and so on, which describes the identity of a brand. According to Amir, Instagram has great potential to spread information and build an inherent brand in the community.

Moreover, if you look at Instagram users in Indonesia, there are currently around 85 million people. “Therefore, Instagram has a huge potential. Moreover, the current pandemic conditions have caused many companies, governments, celebrities, education units, universities and others to use social media as access to provide information and seek information,” said Amir. This is an opportunity for agencies or institutions such as Widyatama University to increase brand awareness. One of them is by optimizing hashtags/hashtags on Instagram. Amir also explained how to use hashtags according to the rules from Instagram, and most importantly using research to find good hashtags.