Tuesday, February 27, 2024 Universitas Widyatama (UTama) again held a Gathering with the Principals of SMA/SMK Region VII Branch Office (KCD) who are members of the Principal’s Working Conference (MKKS). This event has been held 4 (four) times, on this occasion the event was held at the Multipurpose Building of Widyatama University as many as 110 Principals attended the gathering to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) simultaneously.

The Principals’ Working Conference (MKKS) is a forum for school principals’ associations in a regional or sub-district cluster. MKKS is not structurally tied to other educational institutions, but its supervision is carried out in tiers through school supervisors in one particular sub-district. Its members consist of principals of public and private schools in one related sub-district.

The event was attended by H. Ai Nurhasan, AP., M.Si. (Head of Branch Education Office Region VII Bandung City and Cimahi), Dr. Andang Segara, M.M.Pd. (Chairman of MKSS SMA Kota Bandung) as well as structural officials of the Foundation and Widyatama University.

H. Ai Nurhasan is very grateful to the Rectorate and Widyatama Foundation who are proactive in collaborating with SMA/SMK throughout Bandung Cimahi City,

“Insyallah, school principals will be motivated to continue collaborating with universities, especially Widyatama University which helps graduate students to continue their studies, as well as through programs to improve access and quality of education, one of which is scholarships that are very helpful for students to ease the burden of costs”. Ai Nurhasan added.

Furthermore, Prof. Dadang Suganda, gave a presentation and explanation about the Widyatama campus which has been established for 22 years. UTama itself has implemented programs proposed by the government, one of which is the Merdeka Campus. The implementation of the Independent Campus at UTama has greatly helped the community, one of which is the Village Development Program and Teaching Campus in collaboration with Ciamis Regency and Pangandaran Regency for the distribution of students in serving the community.

In addition, Prof. Dadang Suganda presented the achievements that have been achieved by Widyatama University and Students, such as having received recognition from UI Green Metrics which is an innovation of the University of Indonesia which has been widely known internationally as the first university ranking in the world based on high commitment in campus environmental management.

At the end of 2023, Universitas Widyatama also made another achievement in the 2023 Diktiristek Cooperation Award, winning Silver Winner in the category of University with the Best Industrial Cooperation, as well as several other achievements from UTama Students in academic and non-academic fields in the National and International arenas.