Entering the online lecture period for the even semester of the 2020/2021 Academic Year, the Diploma 4 (Applied Bachelor Level) Film and Television Study Program of the Faculty of Visual Communication Design, Widyatama University has prepared a “Blended Learning” learning system, where students or students will be given the opportunity to learn more independent and directly involved in the community (by continuing to use and implement the covid 19 protocol).

This was stated by the Dean of the DKV Faculty, Deden Maulana Drs, M.Ds, recently in Bandung. According to him, students will carry out an independent campus policy while still receiving direction and guidance according to academic stipulations, without losing quality and creativity in developing their knowledge and expertise in society.

Deden Maulana further stated, during that period students will learn to adapt to a new environment, and have the opportunity to gain more real experiences.

Deden Maulana added, “The Widyatama University Film and Television Study Program (D4) will focus more on producing graduates who are ready to work and are also ready to be real entrepreneurs and who are equipped with Discipline, Honest, Innovative, Diligent and Tenacious (Djitu) attitudes as the main jargon in building character attitudes of students. now and in the future.

Apart from Deden, the head of the FTV study program Budiman Drs, M.MPd and supported by lecturers and practitioners added that his study program presented a breakthrough program entitled “soap opera village” in several areas in West Java. “Basically, the soap opera village is a community service program carried out by lecturers of the FTV Study Program, who have professional backgrounds in TV and Film. In the program, a series of routine activities will be held in the form of workshops to make short films for selected village youths for a week”, explained Budiman Friday (12/02/2021).

Furthermore, added Budiman, participants were encouraged to create content in the form of short films or web series with the theme of local wisdom.

The Kampung Sinetron program aims to develop partnerships with communities in various regions with the aim of recording daily phenomena as local cultural values that have been stored so that they can be transformed back into messages in the present.

“The involvement of students studying in the program, is to learn directly in the community to realize their ideas and ideas are more developed and will find solutions according to their point of view.” explained Budiman.