The Rector of the University of Bhakti Kencana Kota Bandung, Entris Sutrisno, together with his vice Rectors, deliberately visited Widyatama University (UTama). Conducted a comparative study to the campus located at Jalan Cikutra 204-A, Tuesday (2/2/2021) morning. Together with his staff, he toured the various facilities in UTama, from the Student Activity Center (PKM) building which has facilities for basketball, futsal, badminton, boxer, tae kwon do, fitness, student bureau offices and an international auditorium.

In addition, also carefully look at the UTama library which has accreditation A, with various book collections and supporting facilities, including visits to the engineering faculty building and other buildings. The Rector of Bhakti Kencana University and his staff looked amazed at the facilities owned by UTama.

When asked about the purpose of the activity, Entris explained that it was deliberately conducting a comparative study visit, as well as exploring the cooperation in a more serious direction. Especially in the process of managing the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi at UTama.

“I purposely came directly, Bhakti Kencana University wanted to study at the Widyatama University campus, many of the programs have accreditation A,” said Entris, Tuesday (2/2/2021). “Want to imitate UTama, because Bhakti Kencana University is a new campus, so it is still in the learning stage. Hopefully it can adjust to existing conditions, such as Widyatama, “he added.

He also explained that the visit of Bhakti Kencana University to UTama was the second. On the previous visit, the scope of the meeting was limited to the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Bhakti Kencana University with LPPM UTama, related to research. “However, now the scope is wider. I myself came directly.

As the Rector wants to know globally how the cooperation process can be continued. Not only in terms of research, but how is the process of managing cooperation, university management and others, “said Entris. In the future, his party will carry out a process of mentoring the University of Bhakti Kencana by UTama, in order to be in harmony, to make an MoU followed up with an MoA.

“If we likened Widyatama University (vehicles) to be able to carry a BMW, we Bhakti Kencana University still carry Avanza.

Yes, at least (after collaborating) we can go up with the Kijang Innova, said Entris On the same occasion, Prof. Obsatar Sinaga gave his presentation in front of the Rector of Bhakti Kencana University. He was very happy with the visit of the Rector of Bhakti Kencana University and his staff, with open arms UTama was ready to share experiences and knowledge in managing higher education.

“Hopefully we can share knowledge and inspire us all to be better in the future,” said Prof. Obi, the nickname of UTama Rector.

In this pandemic condition, according to him, created a variety of panic, including in the world of higher education, in conducting online lectures. He added that before the pandemic, UTama had already conducted 40% lectures on blended learning / e-learning system technology. Blended learning or what is called a hybrid course is a learning process that combines online and face-to-face learning.