At the beginning of this year, Widyatama University made another brilliant achievement, winning 4th place in the prestigious category of Best Cluster Universities in the form of Universities and Institutes, at the Region IV Higher Education Service Institution Award (LLDIKTI), 2021.

The event was held at the Hotel Aston Cirebon & Convention Center, Cirebon City, on Wednesday (17 February 2021) evening. The award was given directly by the Head of LLDIKTI Region IV Prof. Uman Suherman. In the event there were 11 categories given by LLDIKTI Region IV. Prof. Uman said that the award was an appreciation from LLDIKTI Region IV, for universities that had achievements. Whether related to ranking, research, lecturer certification, including matters related to existing quality.

“We need to give awards and finally they have hopes of becoming superior universities and becoming a reference for people in West Java,” said Prof. Uman after the activity. So that it is known that under the auspices of LLDIKTI Region IV there are around 456 universities.

On the same occasion Prof. Obsatar Sinaga, the Chancellor of Widyatama University (UTama) said that this achievement was a form of trust from the community in UTama as the best-managed academic community.

“Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah SWT, for this award. It is our motivation to provide services to students (students). This includes educating the nation’s children, said Prof. Obi, who is usually called. This achievement cannot be separated from the Widyatama Foundation which always synergizes and supports all UTama activities and programs.

“We are also grateful and grateful, because the foundation is very helpful in campus management. There is no miss between Widyatama University and the Widyatama Foundation. Because our chairman (Djoko Roespinoedji) once sat in the university structure, “said Prof. Obi.

In the future, according to Prof. Obi UTama can enter the world ranking of a well-known campus, but his party will make an effort to enter the world rating first.

This requires hard work and support from the entire UTama academic community. Among them are international journal publications (research results) indexed by Scopus. Until now, UTama has published around 1300 international journals.

This year, it is targeting 1500 journals to be published. Meanwhile, Djoko Roespinoedji, Chairman of the Widyatama Foundation, greatly appreciated UTama’s achievement. “We get appreciation. Regarding the current position of Widyatama University, it is on the track.

The foundation and the rectorate have a high commitment to improving the achievement of the quality of education and also the quality of the institution as a whole. Both in terms of human resources, curriculum, learning, facilities and others, “said Djoko.